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Does my child have to take naps?

We believe that children differ in their needs, particular with food, naps and play. If your child does not require a nap, we have indoor and outdoor activities scheduled during this time. Sometimes, you may want us to put your child down for a nap, but if we find that they are not napping, or disturbing the other nappers, we will have them join the children in the other activities and let you know.

How does part-time enrollment work?

We will try our best to accommadate to your schedule for part time; However, the scheduling of our daycare is based strictly on the availability for that day. For this reason, once your chid's schedule is determined, changes are not permitted unless there is room in the schedule. If you would like to increase your days, we are happy to work with you based on the availability we have. If you would like to decrease the number of days, we will require a minimum of one month's notice. All part-time fees are monthly and there are no make up days due to illnesses, vacations, or other absences. 


Do you accept children on subsidy?

Yes we do. It is up to the parent to apply and keep us updated on the progress. Forms can be obtained from our staff or through the Child Care Subsidy Program. If your subsidy payment has not gone through, you are required to cover these fees until the subsidy payment has been processed. It will be the parent’s responsibility to follow up with subsidy.


Can I bring toys for my child?

At New Kids on the Block Daycare, we have a variety of toys to play with. We take opportunities to encourage children to share toys and for this reason, we advise parents to not bring toys from home. However, we understand that there are toys that provide comfort and security in some situations. If your child has a special toy which helps them sleep, we will keep the toy in their bag or cubby until nap time. 

How do I secure a spot for my child?

To register your child, there is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $75 per child upon application. To secure a space, a deposit of the last month’s payment is required with the registration. This deposit is non-interest bearing. Admission of a child requires a signed parent contract, completed registration form, including their immunization records and completed emergency consent form.

What is your notice period for ending service and what happens to my deposit? 

If you wish to withdraw your child, we require at least one month's notice, on or before the first of the month. If appropriate notice is given, the deposit will be refunded to you on your child's last day. 

What are the dates the facilities are closed? 

  • All weekends and Statutory holidays, including Easter Monday. 

  • The last two weeks of December

  • Parents will need to seek alternative arrangements during these times

  • Fees will remain the same 

How do I prepare my child for outdoor activities:

  • Sunny Days: sunscreen, hat

  • Rainy Days: muddy buddy, rainboots

  • Snowy Days: jacket, winter boots, toque, mitts, snow pants

Frequently Asked Questions

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