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Each program operates within a set schedule that includes free play, circle time (music, stories, songs, language), sensory, dramatic play, art & craft, science, math and outdoor play. We believe that by creating a safe and secure environment which children can learn through a variety of activities, it encourages creativity, independence, confidence, self worth and personal responsibility. Each program is planned with age-appropriate activities that encourages social, emotional, physically and intellectually development. 


Our preschool-aged program for 3-5 year olds is designed to enhance children's learning by focusing on their love of learning. Our program provides routine and structure, a foundation for developing independence, self-worth, and problem solving skills. Our teachers not alone plan activities that include cognitive learning (numbers, letters etc.), they incorporate social learning into our everyday activities by encouraging and practicing new social skills such as negotiating, sharing and managing frustrations. We believe in trying new things and encouraging independence through everyday learning moments.

3-5 Year-old Program

Our infant/toddler program is for children approximately 1-3 years old. Our program is flexible to meet your child's individual needs.  As children at this age group are generally on their own schedule, we follow their lead. As they strive for independence, we encourage their social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth through socialization, language development (reading, listening and speaking activities), physical activities (fine motor and hand/eye coordination through indoor/outdoor activities), and other educational activities incorporated into our program.

Infant /Toddler Program 

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